2000-2006 Nissan Sentra CNC Aluminum rear window regulator slider rebuild kit

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This CNC billet aluminum slider is the permanent solution for your broken rear window regulator.  The aftermarket regulators cost $40-80 and are cheaply built and often have the wrong electrical connector requiring you to splice wires.

This part replaces the cheap plastic slider that cracks in half.  Our unique split design enables an easy on vehicle rebuild with no pressing required.  In the majority of cases, there is no regulator removal required to repair your window.  Save time and money by rebuilding.  Synthetic grease included.  

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4 reviews for 2000-2006 Nissan Sentra CNC Aluminum rear window regulator slider rebuild kit

  1. Pono Roback

    Excellent quality! Thank you for having this available.

  2. Mike Lindsey (verified owner)

    Top notch repair kit. Highly recommended.

  3. Jim Landis

    Great product. I also thank you for making these. No instructions for the less experienced installer. I was able to install without removing the whole regulator. I removed the track from the bottom of the window so you can flatten the little dimple and remove the broken slider. Install the slider onto the ball, then slide the track back on this slider and reattach the track to the window. It does require some up and down with the window. Put rags in the bottom of the door in case you drop the screws. They are tiny and aluminium, a magnet won’t help if you drop one…. I know.

    • willmacneill

      There should have been a paper with a link to a youtube tutorial. I’ve also added it to the product page.

  4. Jen (verified owner)

    The first one I bought was great! Very easy to install myself. Too bad I didn’t just purchase two at the same time as I’m now back to order a second one. Happy I don’t have to purchase the whole assembly though, so thank you! 06 Sentra will live forever 🙂

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