2000-2008 Toyota Solara convertible top locking latch rebuild kit (CNC aluminum)


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Up for sale is a pair of billet aluminum locking latch hooks and the required hardware to rebuild two (2) latches on your 2000-2008 Solara.  The stock hook has a cast pot metal mounting block that cracks after years of use.  This kit is redesigned and made from billet aluminum for a secure top and no worries about the hooks failing.  Additionally, this kit is adjustable for a tighter seal than the stock hooks.

This kit provides:
(2) CNC milled aluminum hooks
(2) CNC milled aluminum hook bases
(2) Clevis Pins and Cotter pins (to replace the riveted connection)
(2) Cap head hex screws (Optional – to replace the spring keeper pin, if broken)
(1) Hex key
(1) Drill bit (to pilot drill for the optional screws)


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