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GM rebuild kits available!

The kit includes a new blend door actuator gear and 1cc of SuperLube grease.  This kit allows you to rebuild any GM blend door actuator that has a cracked gear.  Many GM vehicles use the same actuator across many makes, including Chevy (Chevrolet), GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hummer, Isuzu, and even some Chrysler products including some models of Jeeps.

The following video shows the rebuild process:

Look for new products coming very soon, or if you are impatient, suggest a new kit for us to make and you can get your parts for free!

28 thoughts on “GM rebuild kits available!

  1. I’m looking for a blend door actuator kit for a 2009 Ford Explorer. I need the actuator for the temperature control. You said I should send a request if I am impatient. So here you go.

    1. We should have them in stock around April 20th, actually! Development is done, we are just waiting on a production run of parts for that kit.

    2. I have C5 1999 corvette when i turn on the heater my diver side blow cold air do i need to replace my blend door actuator?

      1. Do you guys repair ?

        1. Typically we only sell the kit — the rebuild process is shown in this youtube video, and it is very easy:

      2. The actuator is likely the problem. Our kit to rebuild your actuator can be found here:

  2. Does this kit just have the one gear?

    1. Yes, only the gear that is the common failure point — the other gears rarely break.

  3. Dear Bill, Will your rebuild kit fit the 2004 Chevy Tahoe? I’m currently experiencing intermittent interruption of ac cool air with hot, had a new actuator installed two years ago.The new actuator is begining to malfunction. Thanks RAM

    1. Richard, The GM gear kit should work with your original GM actuator — if the one you have installed now is an aftermarket actuator, the kit may or may not work. Please open the actuator ans see if it has the large gear with 51 teeth. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi, I was just wondering if you have had any feedback on durability of your product? I know your site is rather new, but didn’t know if your replacement gears have had any prolonged exposure or customer reviews as to longevity? Thanks for any info you might be able to provide.

    1. The gears have been on the market since 2013 and I have had no issues with failures (other than a couple that resulted from negligence on the part of the person installing the gear – using a hammer to beat it onto the shaft instead of pressing it on). Buy with confidence.

  5. i have a 2001 satern SL1 , and am suspect of this gear failing, does this part fit all GM cars? and when I click on the gm link to order it says failed address

    1. Let me see if I can resolve the issue. I actually drive a 1998 SL2, and that’s the car I originally designed the kit for. In the Saturns, the actuator controls the recirculate button (but there may be additional actuators in the 3rd generation (2000-2002) cars.

  6. My 1998 Buick Park Avenue stays in the vent position with a constant motor sound like the actuator is running back and forth but no change to floor or defrost position. I haven’t pulled the actuator yet as it appears to be quite a job, yet the pictures I’ve seen of it appears to be similar to the blend door actuator you show in your video. There are apparently two actuators located next to each other under the drivers side of the dash. I’d like to have the parts on hand when I disassemble the dash. So my questions to you are: Does this noise sound like the symptom of a cracked actuator gear? Do you have any experience with using your gear to repair a mode door actuator? Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Yes, this sounds like classic gear failure. My kit can be used to repair any of the actuators of the type in my video — whether they are installed as the mode door or blend door actuator. Hope this helps!

  7. Will, do you have the larger gear? My actuator both the gears are stripped and I have already ordered and received the smaller one before realizing both were stripped.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I get a TON of spam comments. I do not have the larger gear at this time, it is relatively rare for both gears to fail. I may develop it later on, though.

  8. I just bought your kit to repair my 1997 Buick Park Ave. When I disassembled the gearmotor three gears fell out. I figured out where they all go. The upper right one stayed in (not shown in your video) that engages the large “cracked” gear & appears to be an encoder. Does this small gear have to be in a certain position upon reassembly for it to read the large gear position correctly? Also, the center metal hub stayed on the door actuator & I tried to remove without breaking anything…’s still on the actuator shaft. I plan to just press the gearmotor assembly unto the metal hub, see any issues doing it this way?

    1. Pressing it on should not be an issue. For zeroing the actuator, please refer to this article:

  9. Do you make replacement parts for Impalas? I have a 09. The driver side it knocking and one on the passenger side. Don’t know which one.

    1. That kit is being developed. Check back for updates!

  10. Thanks for the quick response on zeroing the actuator. It’s been installed in the 1997 park Ave. for two+ weeks now & is working fine.

  11. I just purchased the GM Gear Kit and am wondering how long it takes for it ship and what is the approximate shipping time?

    1. It takes 1-2 days to ship, 2-5 days to arrive.

  12. WILL Did you outsource or manufacture this gear?
    I have a need for a gear in the hobby industry you might be interested in making.

    1. I made them. I have the capacity to make most gears in-house.

      1. Good product — thinking of buying. What kind of plastic is used to make the gear? (i.e. is it tougher than the original (OEM)?

        Do you use a 3D printer to make the gears?

        Any gears for Honda actuators?



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